Mallikamba Institute of Mentally Handicapped and Associated Disabilities


  1. Physiotherapy - Sensory Development Reflexology
  2. Speech Therapy
  3. Behaviour Modification
  4. Special Education
  5. Vocation Training
  6. Awareness Camps
  7. Parents Counselling
  8. Door to Door Bus Services
  9. Day Care and Board Care
  10. Music and Dance Therapy

Physiotherapy - Sensory Development Reflexology

About 28 children need this service on daily basis. This includes Neck Holding, Body Posture Development, Sitting and Walking Development, Sensations Development etc. A full time Physiotherapist is engaged for this work.

Speech Therapy

90% of the MR children has speech problems. A Speech Therapist is engaged to train children on part-time basis.

Behaviour Modification

Based on IQ level these children are grouped, and are trained to avoid unusual habits like Thumb Sucking, Head Nodding, Drooling, Self Injurious behavior etc. We have special teaching staff for this.

Special Education

To bring a child to a self dependant person we train them on basic activities like Dressing, Brushing, Cleaning etc.

Vocation Training

About 35 children are given Vocation Training to make Paper Plates, Door Mats, Phenyl, Soft Toys etc.

Awareness Camps

We visit rural areas and conduct camps to educate parents of MR children

Parents Counselling

To handle MR children at home we organize parents meeting at our school once in every three month.

Door to Door Bus Services

Provide bus service for all MR school children every day.

Day Care and Board Care

WE provide food for all the on boarders three times a day. We provide separate dormitories and medical services.

Music and Dance Therapy

About 60 Children are deaf and dumb. Few MR children also participate in music therapy for muscle strengthening and dance therapy.